Hello, world!

Well yes, it’s Hello, world time.  The traditional output of the first program by someone learning to code or learning a new language. 

“Hello, World!” program @ Wikipedia

Of course, some people have coded (and I use that word advisedly) for decades and still have a need for a Hello, world moment:

My own far more modest Hello, world effort on Twitter debuted in July 2017:

Some other websites I contribute to are:

My work 4RF

AREC.today the public facing website for AREC

AREC.nz website for AREC

DMR.kiwi digital mobile radio for ZL amateurs

ZL4JY on Github

Anyway to business.  This is my own website for things in my life that interest me that I think are worth sharing.

I’m a husband, engineer, amateur radio enthusiast (callsigns ZL2TRV and ZL4JY), recreational cyclist (gravel and off-road preferred), with a background of building technology companies.